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February 26, 2020

Interested in a Tuning your Vehicle? This is must-read.

If you are interested in enhancing your vehicle’s performance, performance tuning your vehicle can help to increase it’s overall horsepower and torque. It can also add more thrill to your vehicle’s drive. On late model BMWs, turning up the boost is one way to crank up the fun factor. Boost is used to describe the amount of air pressure in the inlet manifold and the pressure is what forces air into the engine. Every engine has a peak horsepower which is determined by an RPM value where the available power is maxed out. By adding more overall horsepower, your vehicle will have increased power and can perform at a higher rate. If we’ve peaked your interest in performance tuning, deciding which software company to use is your next step.

At TMJ Bimmers, we recommend Noelle Performance tuning for a variety of reasons. Primarily because Noelle Performance has the most comprehensive and flawless high performance software integration on the market today. Theirs is a high performance software that was originally developed in Germany. There are other performance tuning options available but most can only offer a tuning box as a solution. Today’s BMW’s are complex mobile super computers and it is challenging to tune them. Most tuners have failed to overcome these challenges which resulting in inferior tuning products. The problem with using a tuning box is that it alters the signal to the engine control unit software and will often result in the vehicle having running issues. There are several other issues that can pop up by implementing this type of solution and they can even cause your check engine light to come on. Modern BMW’s systems, such as the transmission control, traction control as well as many other systems are all interconnected and communicate with each other. This communication can be disturbed by improper tuning. Noelle Performance software works by replacing the operating system and will allow the engine control unit to perform just like the original software which prevents the issues that can happen when using a tuning box. Noelle matches all systems to the new parameters set in the DME (digital motor electronics). The result is seamless integration of the new-found power without losing any of the factory safety and protection protocols for the mechanical systems of the car.

Noelle Performance Tuning offers the ability to perform proper flash installation without the need to remove any of the digital motor electronics from the vehicle. There is also no need to back date the digital motor electronics with this software which prevents other issues from appearing. Noelle Performance Tuning also does not void factory warranty and all of the factory safety parameters will remain intact. Not only will this upgrade give your vehicle improved power and drivability, it will still be emissions legal after implementation.

If you are now interested taking the next step to improve your vehicle’s performance, give us a call. We are always eager to consult with customers on how to transform and free up more power on their vehicles. And TMJ Bimmers is the exclusive Houston area dealer for Noelle Performance software with experienced technicians that will make sure it is installed properly. Visit us at 5211 Kleinbrook Drive in Houston, call us at 713-384-2273 or book your appointment online and get ready to enjoy the upgrade!